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The uniqueness of acid NOVA CPG 1.5 : The NOVA CPG 1.5 is the trade name of special type of thickeners for textiles printings manufactured in India by latest scientific processes. It is suitable for nylon and disperses carpet printing on rotary and flat belt printing machine. It is chemical treated product. NOVA CPG 1.5 is derivatised, low residue and acid description hydration for the carpet and textile industries. It is cold water dispersible and rapidly develops viscosity by addition of a suitable acid. It is also used for space printing of carpet yarn (Nylon) It is designed specifically for the carpet and textile industries.


Preparation of stock Thickeners solution : Take 98.5 liter water than add 20 gm. to 30 gm. Caustic and add 1.5 kg. NOVA CPG 1.5 and slowly mix it. Then add dyes after 10 min. add acetic acid slowly and viscosity will build up after 30 to 40 min. at 3 to 3.5 pH VISCOSITIES build up.

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  • Free flowing powder, which does not deteriorate on proper storage.
  • NOVA CPG 1.5 can easily be made without high speed starring machine.
  • NOVA CPG 1.5 is a high viscosity gum with low solid content.
  • NOVA CPG 1.5, thickener paste becomes a clear transparent with no air bubble4s and gives easy run on
  • rotary printing machine.
  • Best suitable for nylon and polyacrille with cationic and direct dyes.


  • Chemical Nature : Natural polysaccharide.
  • Physical Appearance : Off-white powder.
  • Iconicity : Non-ionic.
  • pH : 6.5.
  • Ash Content : 3% to 4%.
  • Moisture : 9% to 10%.
  • Passing 300 Mesh : 97%.
  • Stability during Storage : Excellent (Acidic Medium).
  • Indicative Viscosity (1.5%) : 15,500 Cps.
  • Filter (1% Paste) : 250 Mesh Ok.
  • Field of Application : To print Acid, Cationic and Direct.
  • Preparation of Stock thickener : 1.5% (with 100 Liter Water).
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Constitution Mannogalactan/Guar Gum
Appearance Lemon Yellow
Ionic Characteristics Anionic
Solubility Cold Water Soluble
Preservation Eco friendly Preservation

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