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Dycold CTA HV is modified tamarind powder, extracted from the seeds of Tamarind tree (Tamaraindusindica). It is specially developed for printing on polyester with dyestuffs followed by super heated steam fixation.It is more suitable on rotary machine.

Cold Preparation

Add 8 kg. Powder gradually in 92 kg Cold water drums with high speed stirrer for 25 to 35 minutes. Formation of lumps should be avoided by uniform powder insertion into water. Retain stock paste over night for proper selling of gum particles prior to its use. Retain stock paste over night for proper selling of gum particles prior to its use.

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  • Free Flowing powder, which does not deteriorate on proper storage.
  • Suitable for printing any fabrics on any mode of printing or any type of machines.
  • Quick and easy preparations of paste either in cold or hot water.
  • To achieve better color yield with brighter, fuller and crisper prints.
  • Lower cost of thickening pastes.
  • Easy wash ability during final washing process.
  • Very excellent Quality standard.


  • Rapid viscosity.
  • High color yield.
  • Sharp and level prints.
  • Better penetration in prints.
  • Chocking free screens.
  • Viscosity stability under shear conditions.
  • Good wash off properties.
  • Cost Effective.
  • Stable Viscosity.
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Other Features

PREPARATION :- 8.0 Kg. Dycold CTA HV Powders + 92 kg. Water = 100 kg. Total.

RECOMMENDED APPLICATIONS :- Dycold-CTA HV is recommended to use with disperse dyes to print on polyester and polyester blended fabrics.

PACKING :- 25 kg. HDPE laminated paper bag with PE Lining.

STORAGE :- Sealed bag under normal conditions for 6 months.

Constitution : Carboxy Methyl Tamaraind
Appearance : Creamish to brownish
Ionic Characteristics : Anionic
Solubility : 100% Cold Water Soluble
Preservation : Eco friendly preservation
% of Concentration : @ 8%
PH : 10.0 - 11.0
Moisture : 10 %
Filtration : 300 Mesh 99 % Passing
Viscosity of 8% Paste : 40,000 + 2,000

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